Presentation “GIS and mapping ecosystem of R”

Ecole thématique SIGR2021, Saint-Pierre-d’Oléron, 2021-06-29

Presentation “Recent changes in R spatial and how to be ready for them”

Why R? Webinar, remotely, 2020-04-23

Presentation “How to win friends and write an open-source book”

useR! 2019, Toulouse, France, 2019-07-12

Presentation “Reproducible spatial data analysis: An example of transportation analysis for Bristol”

Collegium Da Vinci. Poznan, Poland, 2019-01-29

Presentation “Geocomputation with R: Data science, open source software and geo* data”

Northwest Universities R Day. Manchester, UK, 2018-10-31

Presentation “Spatial data and the tidyverse”

GEOSTAT2018. Prague, Czech Republic, 2018-08-22

Presentation “Geocomputation with R: An overview of the field and introduction to the book”

GEOSTAT2018. Prague, Czech Republic, 2018-08-20

Presentation “Introduction to geocomputation with R”

CinDay RUG. Mason, Ohio, 2018-05-22

Presentation “Spatial data and the tidyverse”

Geocomputation 2017. Leeds, UK, 2017-09-04

Presentation “RQGIS - integrating R with QGIS for statistical geocomputing”

UseR!, Brussels, Belgium, 2017-07-05

Presentation “Integrating R with GIS for innovative geocomputing – the examples of RQGIS and RSAGA

EGU, Vienna, Austria, 2017-04-25